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Preservative Free Sodium Chloride NaCl 0.9% 20mL (SHORT DATE SEP 2020)

Purchase Sodium Chloride 0.9% for Injection - 20mL vial. Each milliliter (ml) contains sodium chloride 9 mg preservative-free. May contain hydrochloric acid for pH adjustment. The pH is 5.3 (4.5 to 7.0).


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Hospira Sodium Chloride for injection USP is a sterile, multiple-dose vial from which repeated withdrawals may be made to dilute or dissolve drugs for medication. Each milliliter (ml) contains sodium chloride 9 mg contains no preservative. The vial may contain hydrochloric acid for pH adjustment. The pH is 5.3 (4.5 to 7.0).

What is Sodium Chloride Used For?

Sodium Chloride for Injection is used to dilute or dissolve drugs were required prior to administration by intramuscular, intravenous, or subcutaneous injection. Administration of sodium chloride is intended only after combination with drugs that require dilution or dissolving prior to injection and is designed only for parenteral use.

Sodium Chloride, USP is chemically designated NaCl, a white crystalline powder freely soluble in water

Wholesale Sodium Chloride Hospira Supplier offers wholesale pricing for online purchases of Hospira Sodium Chloride for Injection. Our current inventory is capable of meeting overwhelming demand, and we stock thousands of vials for your ordering convenience. Large orders arrive in the original sealed Hospira packaging - 25 vials per case.

What is the Difference Between Bacteriostatic Water and Sodium Chloride?

Sodium chloride contains 9 milligrams per milliliter of sodium chloride. Conversely, bacteriostatic water is sterile water and benzyl alcohol and does not contain NaCl. Both should not be used in neonates (newborns) due to the presence of the bacteriostatic agent.

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